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Does the rice ever love the mouse?

Posted on: October 1, 2007

There is a little girl who is in love with her schoolmate. This boy is very popular in the school and there is always a crowd around him. They all adores him like the little girl does. For the little girl, he is everything in her world. She thinks of him day and night but she does not feel courageous enough to come nearer to him. So she usually stands alone to watch him from far. When he comes back home with his friends, she walks behind him until the end of the road they go together. Day by day, she keeps watching him. Even seeing his smile makes her happy. However the boy does not realize that. For him, the little girl is just one among his “fans”. Eventhough the little girl knows for sure that he will never response her love, his senseless hurts her deeply. She can not admit her love, so she keeps it deep inside her heart. No matter how painful it is, her love will not change. For the boy she loves … Forever …

The mouse so loves the rice.

But does the rice ever love the mouse?


10 Responses to "Does the rice ever love the mouse?"

It is difficult to anwser for your question……

It is difficult to anwser for your question……

after a long time, u continue to ask the question. I’m sure u know the answer. Right? ……..

I don’t care who loves who but obviously rice doesn’t love mouse at all becaus no one has the possitve feeling with his/her enemy:)). If there is any love originating from rice, it must result from the blind emotion, hehe. Are u stupid rice?

why does no one comment for the song :((

nhạc thì đếch có thời gian nghe

có đứa phũ hàng kìa :(( mỗi 2p mà cũng hok nghe dùm cho ng` ta :((

Thuc ra em doc bai nay cua anh roi`, dau fai la chua doc dau,nhung e ko bit comm the nao nua~…nghe bun` chit’ a`h, ko mun’ kiu that tinh` nua dau!

Khong nghe duoc nhac. :((
Chet cuoi vi comm cua ban maru_na. :))

Vì bi h mới vào blog của kưng nên e com hơi muộn. but this entry is my feeling now.^^

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