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Racial discrimination T_T

Posted on: July 1, 2007

Tớ mà thik bài nào thì sẽ lùng cho bằng đc tất cả các ver. của nó. Dù là Jpn, Chi, Kor, Vie, Eng, Esp, Fre hay cả Khơ me khơ mú j tớ cũng thik. Thía mà sau mấy tháng up Chuột yêu gạo Vie và Suteki da ne Chi lên Youtube thì 2 bài này đã thành nơi đấu khẩu của các Youtuber. Tất cả chỉ vì phân biệt giữa các language, ng` thik cái này thì chửi cái kia. Ng` khác vào chửi lại. Cứ thế chửi wa chửi lại rùi thành chửi nhau. Đã thế lại còn lôi cả lịch sử ra mà nói chứ. Tớ bít mọi ng` đều có quyền nói lên attitude của m`, nhưng mà theo cái kiểu này thì offensive quá. Tớ chỉ mún share trong hòa bình thui mà.

Đây là chiến trường của Suteki da ne Chi.

yellowman88 (1 month ago)

ching chong chung??? Chinese version sucks!! Korean versions best then Japanese then NONE!!

thescourgeakawilson (1 month ago)

ummm shut the fuck up gook. how u gonna be makin fun of our language when yours is the same mumbo jumbo.

yellowman88 (1 month ago)

You are wrong my friend. The Korean and Japanese language comes from the Ural altaic languages ( originally comes from the ural mountains, Russia). The grammatical structure of Korean and Japanese are similar. The verb comes before the subject. Chinese Language is comparable with the Romance language ( Western countries and most countries in the world.)

thescourgeakawilson (1 month ago)

no need for a history lesson. so based on the irrelevant shit you just typed, you said “ching chong chung” (a mockery of the language, as it seems to imply) because our “Language is comparable with the Romance language ( Western countries and most countries in the world.)”? well, i could see why you would post those facts to prove me wrong about the same mumbo jumbo, but what was the point of saying ching chong chung and degrading the language?

yellowman88 (1 month ago)

Im just establishing the fact that Chinese and Korean/Japanese are different. Thats all. I think you are over reacting chink

thescourgeakawilson (1 month ago)

and im just establishing the fact that there was no need to say ching chong chung. saying you prefered the korean version over this one would have been fine. fucking gook.

yellowman88 (1 month ago)

your the racist asshole you know that!

thescourgeakawilson (1 month ago)

you got me started by saying ching chong chung!

yellowman88 (1 month ago)

Ching chong chung isnt racist. its Prejudice!!!

Finalfxgirl (1 month ago)

so, you’re prejudice?

meganada (6 hours ago)

haaaa nowadays even a brainless monkey thinks he does diachronic linguistics. . .

KagexShikaku (1 week ago)

dude thats wrong…
im may be viet but at least i respect the chinese language enough to not say something stupid like that…
a lot of people find that offensive…

yellowman88 (5 days ago)

oh do they…
This is offensive
Viet people are not even asians. They dont have an asian style of writing like China, Korea and Japan. Compare ur Pho resturant with your Chinese, Korean or Japanese resturuant.

Nahput (1 day ago)

Vietnamese use to write in chu nom which is a vernacular script based off of chinese hanzi characters. Chu nom was in official use until the early 20th century, after that point quoc ngu(romanized script of Vietnamese made by Portuguese missionaries) replaced chu nom.

yellowman88 (17 hours ago)

thanks for the history lesson Mr. Nguyen. It doesn’t replace the fact that they are STILL using a western system of writing though. They are still the lowest form of oriental asian except for the filipinos

minhln (1 month ago)

very bad

CodeLyoko22 (1 month ago)

ching chong ching chong

meganada (7 hours ago)

yellowman88 is a dim witted uneducated xenophobic racist Banana living abroad in US or other western states. Even his nickname itself is a disgrace to Asians. What the heck is ‘Yelloman’ that’s what white people call us. Lets just ignore him everyone, he just sadly wants your attention. Don’t talk to him

meganada (7 hours ago)

How is Vietnam not Asia, it’s by definition part of Cultural East Asia, look it up in any scholarly history article on this.*Vietnamese= austroasiatic theres no reason why they should use chinese based script. Lets see how smart you are; i am asian(korean)by definition and i study linguistics too. Don’t pretend to be asian.

AyuFay (6 hours ago)

…not looking at the war going on here [though it angers me being chinese and viet]. nice video and thanks for uploading it.

Của Chuột yêu gạo Vie.

dragondr (6 months ago)

omg vietnamese version sucks…
i think its better off bein chinese

RATERZ (6 months ago)

fuck off about the vietnamese !!! u bitch xxx

haiquynh01 (6 months ago)

Don’t speak as if you had a right to judge what is right or wrong. I bet you have never ever played a role of a translator right? Interpretation isn’t an easy job.

baon2219 (6 months ago)

i realize that the viet version changed the lyrics a lot the verses are not the same and neither is the chorus besides mouse loves rice–instead of “i love you” like in the original, it’s “always love you”, instead of “loves you very much” it’s “always by your side” lol weird how viet changes the original song like that

srolanh (6 months ago)

The Chinese version was much, much better….

heocon19ca (6 months ago)

This song sucks because the original sucks! :-)

cuchuoichammuoi (6 months ago)

Speak in Vietnamese sorry:D I’m nationalism :D Very sorry ^_^
Ui zoi oi :D
Kho than thang beo wa:D
Bi em kia lua` tinh :-j

lilanimekid (4 months ago)

Ok first of all, you’re nationalist not nationalism. Second of all, nationalism is considered in the West to be bad but patriotism is good. So be that instead

vxngq (5 months ago)

this is a chinese clip . And a VietNam singer sang >< .

Alaster488 (5 months ago)

i always hate chinese translate to vietnamese. the original are always better.

amulet456 (5 months ago)

lol did the guy turn into a mouse?? haha the vietnamese version is alrite not bad… but out of all the versions the Twins version is the Best!! lol

Beijingwansui (1 month ago)

The Chinese version is better, but the version from our communist brothers in the south is still great.

newwinguy (1 month ago)

We’re not ALL communist :P

CHNOnyon (2 weeks ago)


musicfan200611 (5 days ago)

外国人得我中文歌曲美妙,所以才翻唱,是中文歌的自豪.怎能Fans:”越南人很喜翻唱中国的歌“, 道我也想听美国人,日本人,国人:”中国人很喜翻唱我的歌

platinuminc (2 weeks ago)

why do all vietnamese copy us chinese

captaindk (2 weeks ago)

I’m Chinese also. But we have to admit that we copy a lot of stuff too. The whole world just likes to copy each other all the time, and that’s the way it is. Sorry

musicfan200611 (5 days ago)

外国人得我中文歌曲美妙,所以才翻唱,是中文歌的自豪.怎能Fans:”why do all vietnamese copy us chinese “, 道我也想听美国人,日本人,国人:”why do all chinese copy us our songs” :-)

sumyaanne (4 days ago)

Gosh! why can’t you just enjoy the song whether it’s originally from your country or what. It’s a very nice song and people just love it and want to sing it in their own language. You should be proud it’s already popular internationally.

finesha (1 week ago)

yeah..i agree…..this song is so RAWK!!!!
haha…” why do all vietnamese copy us chinese??”
the answer is simple…that’s because we’re asian..especially we have the same race…which is MONGOLIAN/ something like that….:)remember?:p
but anyway…i’m not Chinese too..i’m indonesian…well my mom…s
he’s’m 1/4 chinese…
*but…the answer is the same….we have the same race…eventhough we’re from different countries…

johngtran (1 week ago)

we vietnamese copy chinese because we are also part of china once (think of the usa and england history) but we separate from china over 1000 years ago but we also part of china for over 1000 years. vietnamese is once a family of china…look up history between vietnam and china


5 Responses to "Racial discrimination T_T"

Shit! Sao hok phụ đề việt ngữ mấy đoạn chửi chứ( chửi hôi:))

Kinh khủng thế này mà mày cũng cho lên blog được. Dài quá, tao ngại đọc mày ạ :P

Tưởng bọn nó nhận xét khoa học với chuyên môn lắm cơ! =))
Khoá lại đi em, không cho bọn nó comment nữa, đọc chả thấy nhận xét về hoà thanh giai điệu gì mà toàn thấy… :(

Thì ra chị Mai là mầm mống xì căng đan trên mạng.:))

Đã dc nghe tomo-chan than thở từ lâu =)) đã bò vào xem từ lâu =)) đã oải từ lâu >”<

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