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Destiny of TOMO

Posted on: October 12, 2006

Illusion. The world is an illusion. A beautiful illusion, but an illusion nonetheless.
Sometimes I wish I could be the one to have created that illusion. How talented the creator must have been, to be able to form something so flawlessly, full of the pain and suffering and darkness and emptiness that my illusions can only reflect a droplet of. Only a true artist could have sculpted an illusion so perfect as this.
I call myself an artist. It’s a title I am proud to carry, the only thing I was ever proud of because it’s the only thing I have in this illusion of the world where hate rules and happiness is even more of a fleeting illusion than the pain.
They tell me I had someone once. Someone who loved me. Someone who was willing to give up life and happiness for my sake. If so, why was I left alone?
No one would ever love me. I am not worthy of their love, only of pain and sadness. And that is what the world has given me. Anyone who tells me otherwise is lying.
So I’ll spin my illusions and wait for the day when my skills will be complete, when I can create an illusion as perfect as the one I now live in. But it will be different then. My creation will be a world of light, where happiness can be real for those who live within and love is the salvation of every man. Even if it is an illusion. I believe that.
I have to believe that.

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