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3 mid-term tests in a day

Posted on: October 9, 2006

Today was the busiest day for me with 3 mid-term tests on music, informatics and socialism.

The music was extremely terrible as I could not complete my exam Image. I don’t know why our teachers ask us to study such a dammit subject Image. We are college students, and we have more important things to do instead of sitting sleepily in 2 preriods of music. In addition, we are training to become teachers of foreign languages not those of music Image.

The test on Excel seemed to be better. I got the mark 9 Image. However, my classmates didn’t do it well. I can understand. Excel is much more difficult than Word since it needs lots of practice. I assume that the staff at my university is rather stupid to have their students do the informatics exam on paper rather than on computer. We must learn by heart the whole book without understanding a word ! Horrible Image!

The final test was on Socialism. I came to class late. But my teacher neither punished me nor showed his disagreement. He appeared so gentle as he told me not to worry and I could hand in the paper a few minutes later Image. His kind manner inspired me so much that I did the exam better than expectation. I suggest that I should pay more attention to this subject from now on Image.


1 Response to "3 mid-term tests in a day"

I didnt have to study Music at Uni. But I guess you have to because just in case you become a teacher, you know how to deal with such sleepy students!

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