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Why I don’t change my avatar ?

Posted on: October 3, 2006

Everyday I visit my friends’ blogs. Some of them have changed their avatars so frequently. But I don’t. I have a host of pictures as well as photos to show in my blog. So the lack of pictures is not the main reasonImage.

I don’t want to use another pictures as my avatar just because I want to express my love for Tomo. My sister says that I’m not a faithful person because I change my love so fast that no one could stay long in my heartImage. But since the beginning of the blog, the only pictures in use are of Tomo. I’ve never replaced them and will never have this idea in my mind. ImageYou may be fed up with seeing Tomo everyday but I want to tell everyone that my love for him haven’t changed, that he is still the only one in my heart and that no one could replace himImage. I LOVE TOMO NOW AND FOREVER !!!Image


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Oe qua day!Suot ngay Tomo

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