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Posted on: September 24, 2006

The Japanese people are famous all over the world for punctualityImage. Everybody know it well. So do I. Thus, I don’t want to come to my Japanese class late. It would be very annoying. However I had terrible experience for being late. I still remember this feeling well.

Last Tue, I had to rush to school as I woke up just 15 mins before school time. I drove frenzily in order not to come behind the schedule. As I arrived the school, it was 2 mins late. To my astonishment, the gate was already shutImage. “How can they close it too early ?”, I thought, “I am only 2 mins late”. I felt scared as soon as I remembered that at my sister’s university, the teachers always close the door as they come in class, so the students who come afterwards have to stand outside until break. She’s studying Japanese. “But in last lesson, many students who came much later were still allowed to come in, why I have to stay there ?”. Without knowing what to do, I came back home wondering what had happenedImage.

No sooner had I arrived home than I watched the clock. I couldn’t believe in my eyes : it was only fifteen to two. With the thought that the clock was out of work, I went upstairs to see another one. But all of the clocks showed that it was fifteen to two at that moment as well. Doubtedly, I called the agent to check the time. And they said it was fifteen to two, too. I was so confused. “If it is fifteen to two now, it means that I only had a nap for only 15 mins, and that I had came to school 1 hour earlier !”Image. How ridiculous it was Image!


1 Response to "Punctuality"

Hi dear,
I have just read your latest wrting about your favourite-Tomo.I have never known this story before so I find it quite difficult to understand what you mean. I think that you borrowed so many words in the story and your own words are few. The more your words are, the more unique your writing is.
Generally speaking, your product is not clearly personal.
Try more to make your writng more original

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