Tomo -‘ღ’- sama


Posted on: September 14, 2006

Today, 2 new students came to our class. They are from China and come here to study English. It’s a lovely news since we can have new friends in the 2nd year at university. They are so confident when talking to us by English (of course they have to do that) and their English is also good. Confidence is something that I and other classmates are in lack of. We need to learn alot from these new mates. Image I don’t remember their Chinese names because I will not study their mother language until next semester. What a pity. They asked us to call them Lincy and Sunny as their English name. How strange ! It seems that most Chinese people when going aboard have an English name and it is so nice. We haven’t got it and I’d love to have one. It’s really interesting that you have a name of your own choice. You can be called whatever name you expect people to do so Image. Let think what my ideal nickname is. I’m not sure at the moment but soon find out it. So would you mind changing the way you call me Image ?


1 Response to "Newcomers"

My dear,
I have just read your blog and I find it quite interesting.It seems to be much better than your writing that I am checking for you. However, you still express some sentences in the very “Vietnamese” way. You should avoid it in order to make your writing more understandable.

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